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Client Testimonials

Very Knowledgeable!

“Ferd has helped us with our recent multifamily purchase and we couldn’t be more pleased. He is very knowledgeable and his experience as an owner, operator, promoter, and financial analyst sets him apart from other attorneys. He does much more than draft contracts and goes above and beyond to exceed client expectations.”
Nick S
Multifamily Real Estate Investor

13+ Year Track Record

“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Jonathan Gilmore for over 13 years. I have complete trust that he will always have my best interests in mind.”
Celina Tio
Chef / Owner / Concept Consultant

Impressed From the Beginning!

There is something to be said for an attorney and team to be responsive, personable, honest, and forthright. Jonathan, Hunter, and their team were that and more. I was impressed from the beginning with their knowledge and advice for all the different scenarios I threw at them. They gave me great direction and helped me decide what was best for me and my family. Throughout the process of the transaction, I never had any problems getting ahold of them, they hit every deadline they promised, and were patient with all my questions and concerns. I would highly recommend them to anyone needing help with real estate transactions and more. Thank you KCREL for helping us out, and for your fantastic service! It was truly fantastic from start to finish.
Seth Weigel

I Relied on Ferd’s Legal Expertise!

“I worked with Ferd on an extremely complex deal covering several Mobile Home Parks, apartments, single family rentals, etc. Through the 6 month contract period I relied on Ferd’s legal expertise, but I also came to him to advise me on business strategy, budgeting, and financial modeling, which he has experience in as an operator and syndicator. Through this process, Ferd was able to display his versatility on all matters real estate which is what makes him an irreplaceable resource for me. I would give him a resounding endorsement for anyone considering pursuing MHPs. I look forward to having him in my corner as long as I’m in the real estate business.”
Craig Napoliello
MHP Owner

He is Inspiring to Work With!

“Ferd is unlike anyone I have met in Real Estate. He possesses a knowledge level that is far beyond most seasoned investors. He has a unique skill set that can rival any young professional with his level of comprehension and intellectual ability in: Real Estate Investing, Legal, Financial Modeling, and Tax Strategy.”
Jared Bosch
National MHC Broker with Northmarq

I Can Vouch for Ferd’s Abilities!

“In recent years Ferd has served as my attorney or adviser on tax incentive and real estate projects, but our relationship goes back many years in the form of intellectual discussions on real estate and market dynamics. I can vouch for Ferd’s abilities and integrity and give him my strong recommendation.” 
David Brain
Founder and CEO of Enfinite Capital; (former) Co-founder and CEO of Entertainment PropertiesTrust (a REIT he led from $0-$6 Billion in assets) 

I Valued His Counsel Very Much!

“Ferd Niemann has served as my attorney and helped me with the tax incentive and financial analysis processes. We worked together on a complex project involving tens of millions of dollars, and I valued his counsel very much. He is the rare attorney who understands the financial analysis process at an elite level.”
Eric Holtz
Real Estate Developer and Investor

Ferd is One of a Kind!

“To say Ferd, “does good work” falls insultingly short of the proactive care, attention to detail, and assertive approach he puts into his work. Ferd is one of a kind and one of the most intelligent and proactive attorneys I have ever had the opportunity to work with. Seeing Ferd take such a proactive approach in his work made a lot of sense tom me because he is not just an attorney, he is an active investor. No matter where he goes or who he works with, he will become a linchpin member and someone you too will be grateful for knowing.”
Andrew Lightfoot
Multifamily Real Estate Investor (MO)

He Has a Unique Skill Set!

“Ferd is unlike anyone I have met in Real Estate. He possesses a knowledge level that is far beyond most seasoned investors. He has a unique skill set that can rival any young professional with his level of comprehension and intellectual ability in: Real Estate Investing, Legal, Financial Modeling, and Tax Strategy. 
Brooks Mosier
Real Estate Investor/Syndicator

I Respect and Trust Ferd Implicitly!

“I respect and trust Ferd implicitly and would immediately follow his advice and would be pleased to have him manage my business affairs.”
William G. Eckhardt
Colonel, JAGC Retired; Chief Prosecutor of the Ground Action at My Lai; Teaching Professor of Law Emeritus

His Expertise Was Very Valuable!

“Even though I am an experienced Real Estate investor I needed an attorney who understands Mobile Home Parks when I was trying to close on my first Mobile Home Park. His expertise was very valuable and I look forward to engaging him in various capacities for my future MHP deals.”
Alpesh Parmer
MHP Owner, Real Estate Investor, Author, Podcaster

He Was Instrumental!

“Ferd served as my attorney on my first MHP purchase and he was instrumental in helping me get to closing. His knowledge of MHP law, especially grandfathering, made me more comfortable moving forward in the transition from long time MHP manager to MHP owner.”
Michael S
MHP Owner & Former Park Manager

Ferd is Unique!

“Ferd has been my guide in evaluating MHP purchases. Unlike most MHP brokers, Ferd is not determined to merely “get to the commission”; in fact, Ferd has played the role of critical observer and has kept me from pursuing deals that were not in my best interest (despite costing him a commission). Ferd is unique in his ability to quickly analyze and underwrite a deal, and in his ability to loyally represent his client’s interest.”
Harsha Moole
Physician, and leader of Physician Estate real estate investment group (KS)

He Always Makes Himself Available!

“I am in the middle of closing a deal using Ferd as my attorney. His expertise as an attorney and as a mobile home park owner and manager, has provided invaluable insight into the deal and negotiations. He has been able to help me not only with the legal aspect of the deal, but with great ideas on how to improve the deal, budget, leases, strategy, etc. He always makes himself available for calls or text messages and his response time on turning around documents has been less than a day. I just hired Ferd to help me with a second deal and hope to use him to close many more deals in the future.”
Larry Abramowitz
MHP Owner (FL)

I Learn Something New Every Time We Talk!

“Talking to an attorney isn’t normally something I look forward to. But Ferd isn’t a regular attorney! At heart, he is a mobile home park operator who happens to also know the law around MHP ownership in exquisite detail. I learn something new every time we talk, and he and his team have been a huge asset for our business.”
Sam Hales
CEO, Saratoga Group (Top 50 MHP Owner)

Ferd is My Trusted Attorney!

“Ferd is my trusted attorney for all legal issues regarding Mobile Home Park transactions and matters. In this wild west of an industry, it helps to not only have trusted legal counsel but to also have someone like Ferd and his team who in addition to their law practice are also active MHP investors and operators. This unique blend of expertise coupled with Ferd’s genuine and candid honesty, separates him from the pack.” 
Charlie Ansanelli
MHP Owner/Operator

Ferd Has Been a Pleasure to Work With!

“Ferd has been a pleasure to work with because he thinks like a park owner and an entrepreneur, not like a typical lawyer. He is practical and creative and is all about results.”
Daniel Weisfeld
CEO, Three Pillars Communities (Top 50 MHP Owner)

He is Somebody I Enjoyed Working With!

“As an out of state MHP investor I know firsthand how important it is to have a quality local team operate your MHP investments. Ferd bought the park from our group and delivered on his commitments, was very timely, and displayed a deep knowledge of the space. Our investors are very pleased with the outcome of working with Ferd. He is somebody I enjoyed working with and selling to.”
John J. Koehler, MD
Real Estate Investor

I Look Forward to Working with Him in the Years Ahead!

“Purchasing a MHP from Ferd – during COVID lock down – was less of a challenge than I expected, and his detailed accounting and organization (and proficient operations) helped me close the deal. Ferd was clearly an honest and experienced operator, so much so that I hired his team to manage the MHP for me post-closing. I look forward to working with him in the years ahead.” 
Danny Grisa
MHP Owner, Real Estate Investor, and General Contractor

I Give Him My Strong Recommendation!

“Ferd has purchased several MHPs that I have listed and he has proven to me an ability to close the deal. Further, I have seen Ferd firsthand solve complex legal problems – he is the guy that can keep the deal together, unlike so many attorneys that kill deals. He is the first attorney I refer my clients to and I give him my strong recommendation.” 
Jon Fisher “Mr. Landman”
National MHP Broker

His Organizational and Reporting Skills are Great!

“I have trusted Ferd to manage my MHP assets, both as a silent investor and as an active owner with Ferd’s team managing the properties. His organizational and reporting skills are great, and he is uniquely situated to excel in this niche, and I am glad to be on the same team.”
Jeff Eversden, CPA
MHP Owner and Investor

Ferd is an MHP Expert!

“Ferd is a MHP expert and buying from him was a smooth process. Ferd is a man of high character and principles (like his father), something often missing in the real estate and MHP space. Ferd stayed on as property manager and is also an investor in our portfolio. I give him my highest recommendation.”
John Whitehill
President of MHP Private Equity Fund

He is the Attorney for this Industry!

“I worked with Ferd when he was raising capital for one of his MHP deals, and I was eager for our fund to get in on the action and invest with him. He is a man of high integrity and is an expert in the MHP space. He is the attorney for this industry.”
Paul Worcester
Real estate investor, 0 to 4,000 units; founder of propertymanagement software company

Ferd has had an Incredible Impact!

“Ferd has had an incredible impact on our growing company as we traverse the legal, financial and operational challenges of the MHP world. His integrated approach has helped protect our company while accelerating our business plan.”
Steve Sacher
COO, Saratoga Group (Top 50 MHP Owner)

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