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Our real estate law firm specializes in protecting the investments of both individuals and businesses throughout the US. We understand that each real estate transaction is unique, and there is no one-size-fits-all solution. Every real estate transaction, regardless of market conditions, involves a significant amount of money and various third parties who are primarily focused on protecting their own interests. This is where our team of experienced real estate lawyers can help.

Our firm takes a comprehensive approach, combining significant experience from a wide range of disciplines and industries to represent clients at the closing table and eliminate any potential surprises or complications that may arise. Our practical and innovative solutions are designed to meet our clients’ business goals. We manage risks with a keen eye towards achieving their objectives. By providing a coordinated approach to real estate transactions, our clients are able to succeed in today’s complex and volatile real estate market.

If you are looking for expert legal advice on your real estate transactions, contact us today to learn more about how we can help you achieve your goals.



Commercial Transactions

If you need a real estate closing attorney, our experienced attorneys represent corporations and institutional owners in complex commercial real estate transactions.


Title & Survey Work

Our staff has extensive experience in reviewing commitments and surveys and preparing comprehensive title letters.



Don’t underestimate the importance of a rock-solid zoning letter. We will obtain strong zoning letters on your behalf from city/county to help protect you from issues that may arise.



Our firm has prepared state-specific leases for all 50 states for hundreds of corporate clients.


Regulatory Compliance

Our firm can help ensure that you maintain compliance with all laws and regulations.



Have questions or concerns about real estate syndications? We can help!

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“Ferd Niemann has served as my attorney and helped me with the tax incentive and financial analysis processes. We worked together on a complex project involving tens of millions of dollars, and I valued his counsel very much. He is the rare attorney who understands the financial analysis process at an elite level.”

– Eric Holt
Real Estate Investor & Developer

“Best real estate attorney. Has an investors mindset. Great for complex real estate investments, syndications, property taxes, due-diligence, dealing with the city/county on easements & zoning issues. Overall, he prioritizes his clients interests more than anything. Very transparent and clear communication.”

– Harsha Moole
Real Estate Investor & General Contractor

“I worked with Ferd on an extremely complex deal covering several Mobile Home Parks, apartments, single family rentals, etc. Through the 6 month contract period I relied on Ferd’s legal expertise, but I also came to him to advise me on business strategy, budgeting, and financial modeling, which he has experience in as an operator and syndicator. Through this process, Ferd was able to display his versatility on all matters real estate which is what makes him an irreplaceable resource for me. I would give him a resounding endorsement for anyone considering pursuing MHPs. I look forward to having him in my corner as long as I’m in the real estate business.”

– Craig Napoliello
Mobile Home Park Owner

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